Wickeds On Winter Vacation

Wickeds Escape Fake SpringI hope that everyone got a chance to enjoy our first Fake Spring before Winter came back and reminded us that it’s still only February. Some members decided not to take any chances with vacation week, and went off to warmer climates. Smart move. We were glad to see they brought their Wicked Gear with them, and rep’d the club while on vacation! Thanks to Adam Costa, Nicki Rice, Madelyn Steeves, and Ashley Springett for letting us live a little vicariously while we continued to deal with old man winter up here. #allweatherrunners.

If you do the same while traveling, make sure to send us a picture! We may make a section on our website for these.

Winter Banquet!
OK, last call on this one: our banquet will be next Saturday night, March 5th, from 5PM-8PM at the Village Tavern in Salem. We’ll be presenting awards from our 2020 Grand Prix, the results of which can be seen on our (new) website. If you’ve placed, or achieved Iron Runner, make sure to come on by to celebrate with us! If you haven’t already, please respond using Caitlin and Kelly’s invitation form. At the banquet the board will also be voting on an updated set of by-laws (see attached).

Spring CoachingWe hope you all have been taking advantage of Coach Braz’ email workouts during the winter season. In-person track will begin in mid-April, after the Boston Marathon. As we did in 2021, Coach is looking to hold a few pre-track conditioning sessions. These will not be weekly, but when they are held, they will be on Saturday mornings. Last year, many of us coupled the conditioning sessions with our long run on Saturday. Coach is looking at trying to land one sometime in March, weather permitting. Watch your email for updates.
March Grand Prix Races
We have two Grand Prix races coming up in March:

Information on WGP and USATF racing can be found on our new website. And if you haven’t seen it, check out the informational video that Chris Nolin put together for the 2022 WGP.

March Board Meeting
Our next board meeting will be this Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:30PM. We’ll be holding it over zoom once again, so if you want to attend, please send an email to wickedpresident@gmail.com and I’ll forward you the meeting information.
That’s all for this update. Hope to see you this week, at either our Monday BackBeat run or at the Banquet!

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