Wicked Grand Prix

The Wicked Grand Prix is Wicked’s own club racing series. It is comprised of 10 races of varying distances, ranging from a mile to a half marathon and many other distances in between. Runners who run all 10 races will be awarded Iron Runner status and we have added a second tier of Bronze Runner status for those members who run 7 – 9 races.

In terms of the scoring for the series, for each of the races in the series, each finisher who is an active Wicked member, earns 10 points per race, AND 1 point for every other Wicked runner their finish time is faster than in that race. For example, if 12 Wickeds run a race, and you have the 4th fastest time, you earn 18 points, 10 for completing the race AND 8 for the runners whose time you exceeded. For Miles Over the Moon race, all members who run OR volunteer at the race will get 20 points in the series.

Scores are determined for each race and accumulated over the races in the series. At the end of the series, final scores are compiled, and awards will be given to overall female and male point winners and top 3 finishers for Female and Male in Youth Open (19 and under), Open (20-29), Sub Master (30-39), Master (40-49), Senior (50-59), and Veteran (60+). In addition, any individual who completes all 10 races, will be considered an Iron Runner, those that complete 7 – 9 runners will be considered a Bronze Runner with both tiers receiving special prizes.

Overall Wicked Grand Prix results and standings can be found here and results for individual races can be found in the comments section below.

2023 WGP Races and Results

Race / DistanceLocationDateCostComments
Claddagh Pub 4 Miler LawrenceMarch 5$40WGP Results
Black Excellence 5KLynnApril 30$25WGP Results
Stride Along the Tide 5kNahantMay 13$30WGP Results
Run for the Beach 5KBeverlyJune 11$35WGP Results
Miles Over the Moon 4 MilerSalemJuly 21$30WGP Results (All Wicked runners & volunteers awarded 20 WGP points)
Rib Fest 5 MilerMerrimack, NHJuly 23$40WGP Results
Newburyport High Street MileNewburyportAugust 6$25WGP Results
Lone Gull 10KGloucesterSeptember 24$35WGP Results
Ocean View Half MarathonIpswichNovember 5$75WGP Results
Wild Turkey 5 MilerSalemNovember 23$30WGP Results

2022 WGP Division Winners and Iron Runners

Race / DistanceLocationDateCostComments
Claddagh Pub 4 Miler LawrenceMarch 6$40WGP Results
April Fool’s 4 MilerSalisburyApril 2$30WGP Results
Step Up for Colleen 5K AndoverMay 1$25WGP Results
HAWC 5KSalemJune 5$35WGP Results
26×1 Relay 1 mile legMedfordJune 25Fees paid by WickedWGP Results (All Wicked runners awarded 20 WGP points)
Lynn Woods Relay 2.5 mile legLynnAugust 24Fees paid by WickedWGP Results (All Wicked runners awarded 20 WGP points)
Lone Gull 10KGloucesterSeptember 25$35WGP Results
Newburyport Half MarathonNewburyportOctober 23$75WGP Results
Wild Turkey 5 MilerSalemNovember 24$30WGP Results
Mill Cities RelayNashua-LawrenceDecember 4Fees paid by WickedWGP Results (All Wicked runners awarded 20 WGP points)

2021 WGP Division Winners and Iron Runners

WGP 2021 was a great success, and a ton of fun was had by all. This section contains the Division Winners and Iron Runners. Congratulations all!

OverallFemaleNikki Demars1st
OpenFemaleGrace Crowell1st
OpenFemaleNicole Goggin2nd
OpenFemaleEmerson Adams3rd
Sub MasterFemaleAshley Diehl1st
Sub MasterFemaleCaitlin Kuconis2nd
MasterFemaleSuzi Clements1st
MasterFemaleAna Gordon2nd
MasterFemaleLauren Gabel3rd
SeniorFemaleEileen Spear1st
SeniorFemaleDeb Everett2nd
VeteranFemaleSandra Hutchinson1st
WGP 2021 Female Division Winners

OverallMaleChris Nolin1st
OpenMaleHarrison Kee1st
OpenMaleGriffin Adams2nd
OpenMaleCalvin Barrett3rd
Sub MasterMaleDan Chruniak1st
Sub MasterMaleAdam Costa2nd
Sub MasterMaleDan Donato3rd
MasterMaleMatt Adams1st
MasterMaleAlen Yen2nd
MasterMaleIan Edwards3rd
SeniorMaleTom Mistretta1st
SeniorMaleRick Kee2nd
SeniorMaleMark Everett3rd
VeteranMaleTom Lubas1st
VeteranMaleKevin Power2nd
VeteranMalePaul Kuconis3rd
Super VeteranMaleFrank Johnson1st
WGP 2021 Male Division Winners

Iron Runners

Our 2021 Iron Runners are: Chris Nolin, Kelly Pheulpin, Kevin Powers, Lauren Gabel, Paul Kuconis, Suzi Clements, and Tom Lubas.