Welcome to the Wicked Store

Show your pride and support the Club by sporting the red. To request an item, please email us with “Wicked Clothing” in the subject, and specify size if appropriate. Items can be picked up at most Wicked happenings, including Backbeat Mondays, Track Tuesdays, and WGP races. Check out the stuff:

Wicked X Tracksmith


Tracksmith: the ultimate in high-quality gear. We’ve been jamming since the summer, and are pleased to offer the Twilight singlet below retail, printed with Miles the Cat in red….this is the last best singlet you’ll ever own!

Doug’s O.G. Shirt


Show your old-skool Wicked Pride and throw it back to 2004. Testing this design with our original Headless Miles the Cat in red cotton

Official 2022 Singlet


Race in style with the official Wicked tech singlet. (Runs slightly small in the arms holes)

Baseball Cap


Nike all-cotton embroidered baseball cap. Buy one…just do it.

Car Stickers

$3.00 each

Show your Wicked pride by zipping around town with a vinyl car sticker.



Stow all your run gear in this embroidered black backpack with drawstring cord, side mesh pocket, and outer sleeve.



Winter is Coming! Protect your delicate cheeks with the highly-motivating, mantra-enhanced Can’t Stop the Run buff.

We’re always looking for suggestions on gear too, so send them along!