• Labor Day, Fall Goals, Lynn Woods!

    Labor Day, Fall Goals, Lynn Woods!

    Happy Labor Day fellow Wickeds! The beginning of September brings change for many members, as school returns for families and those that work in them. Some are sending children to school for the first time, others are dropping off young adults at university. Luckily, we have a constant in our lives with running. I am…

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  • Wicked Summer Continues

    Wicked Summer Continues

    Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! The weather has been absolutely fantastic. It’s been great seeing people share posts of their travels during the vacation season. This week looks like we are going to get some challenging weather – Coach Braz sent out some good advice on adjusting. It’s also a good reminder how we…

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  • Summer brings MOTM, 26×1, BBQs!

    Summer brings MOTM, 26×1, BBQs!

    Happy 4th of July, fellow Wickeds! Apologies in advance, it’s been too long since our last club update. There is a lot going on in the club, this newsletter should bring us all up-to-date. As always let me know if you have feedback or questions. Miles Over The Moon 2022 Wicked’s annual summer road race,…

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  • Summer Arrives

    Summer Arrives

    The last few weeks have brought us some interesting weather. First the winter just didn’t seem to want to let go, then we had a series of quite windy days, and this weekend, well yeah, summer showed up suddenly just to remind us that running in the dark and cold for months isn’t that bad…

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  • Boston Marathon Wrap-Up, Return to Track, HWAC and other Run Happenings

    Boston Marathon Wrap-Up, Return to Track, HWAC and other Run Happenings

    Marathon Monday was a spectacular day for all who participated and volunteered. It’s hard to know where to start. Kristen Barry fought injuries to complete her second Boston in just a few months. Amy Chruniak, carrying one of the club invitational bibs, achieved a 15 minute PR on her birthday! Grace Crowell, showing core strength…

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