Wicked History


The Wicked Running Club was founded in 2002 by Doug Bollen and Mike Toomey in Salem, Massachusetts.

In Doug’s words, a short summary of how the club was built: A random visit to Park & Rec by Jen Toomey, a beer and an idea to start a running Club with Mike Toomey, the black cat logo with a disjointed head which eventually found its neck, weekly Wicked runs welcoming runners of all abilities and distances, and a great group of Club Members- many who have formed lifelong memberships through the Wicked Running Club. Through the years, whether your goal was to improve your fitness, finish your first 5k race, a half marathon, a marathon, or even an ultra- odds are not only met or exceeded your goal, but you found a friend or two from wicked to help you along the way.

We are honored to stand on the shoulders of what these founders created, and to carry on the tradition of fitness and friendship on the North Shore.

Initial Board and Membership

Initial Board of Directors: Doug Bollen, Deb Touchette, Billy Shea, John Mahoney , Mike Toomey

First Position Holders: President: Sherry Feffer, Vice President: Rachel Hunt, Secretary: Karen Giroux, Treasurer: Rich Tomlins

Original members :    Sherry Feffer, Colin Maclay, Tim Clarke, Deb, Steve and Liz Touchette, Beth O’Grady, Shawna Erps, Patrick Smith, Denise Murphy, Rachel Hunt, John Mahoney, Dan and Stefanie Cooper, Theresa Johnson, Rich Tomlins, Karen Giroux , Mike Toomey,  Jen Toomey, Doug Bollen, Billy Shea

Wicked 10 Year Anniversary Speech

At Wicked’s 10th year anniversary, Doug gave a more detailed overview of the Club’s History and how it grew over the years. You can read through it here.