Happy Holidays!

I trust that each of you are enjoying a little bit of downtime in the holiday season, especially since the big fall / early winter races and relays are behind us. By all accounts, members and the club had a very successful 2022, full of personal accomplishments and great times to share. We have much to be proud of, and to be thankful for.

Speaking of which, this past Thanksgiving, our hosts had the idea to go around the dinner table and have everyone say what they were grateful for. Only one constraint – no repeats. Of course I was at the end of the rotation and had to listen to everyone else take the easy responses – family, health, friends, etc. I wasn’t really listening, I was thinking about what to say that was appreciative and inspirational, all while panic rises like Mauna Loa lava. Luckily a moment of clarity appears just in time – I’m grateful for the air in my lungs and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Applause. Are they clapping for what I said, or are they just glad that they can get back to dinner? We’ll never know. I hadn’t prepared a response of course, but I think what popped out was based on experiences we have countless times during the year – on our runs take in the world around us – and at the same time, our bodies respond as we breathe the day’s air, we feel the sun on our face, we hear the sounds or lack thereof as we move along the roads. It happens so much we are used to it, but it’s a real gift that our chosen activity gives to us – every single day.

Mill Cities Relay

Wicked had an outstanding showing on a spectacular day for this premier relay race. Wicked won four team bricks including first team overall with Male Open. The afterparty at the wacky Claddagh Pub did not disappoint, and gave a chance for the club to celebrate together. Big thanks to Mill Cities Alliance representative Chris Nolin – Chris works with the MCR board for months in careful preparation for the event. Also thanks to Matt Adams, Amy Chruniak and Alen Yen for helping Chris in this effort, especially for some last minute team manipulations. If you missed this fun event, keep it in mind for 2023!  Here are just a few pictures, take a look on our Facebook page for an entire album.

Self Defense Class

On December 9th, Ashley Diehl led Wicked to Forged Self Defense Academy in Salem for a 2 hour session on runner’s safety. Ashley put a tremendous amount of time into organizing this opportunity for members. While we can’t always change our environment, we don’t have to be afraid within it. Thanks to Ashley and to all members who empowered themselves by doing something real about this important issue.

Frosty Four 2023!

Race Director Rick Kee and his committee are very hard at work organizing this important event for the club. The proceeds from the club’s two premier races go to support our operations and fund our philanthropy. It allows us to keep our club accessible by maintaining a modest membership fee, and also goes towards funding scholarships and donations to high school track programs. But this is only possible if we put on a successful event. The F4 committee has done a bang-up job landing sponsors and making sure everything is lined up for a safe and fun day – however we need your help! Here’s how: help us get registrations by telling your friends / family about the race and ask if they want to attend! You can make this a great way to start the new year by meeting them at the event!
2022 / 2023 Board of DirectorsElections are over! The 2023 Board of Directors are:
President: Tom MistrettaVice President: Kelly PheulpinTreasurer: Nicole GogginSecretary: Lauren Gabel
Membership Director: Alen YenClothing Director: Shannon CramCommunications Director: Cailie TrombleyMember-At-Large: Haley HanlonMember-At-Large: Carita Wegner
As we did not have a candidate for Secretary, Lauren Gabel has agreed to my request to serve a third year in that position. I can’t thank Lauren enough for doing this for the board and for the club.

I’d also like to thank our outgoing board members – Carrie-Ann LaBrecque, Amy Chruniak, and Rick Kee – they have gone above and beyond in fulfilling these important roles for the club. We will still see them around (and we know where they live just in case we don’t).

Finally, thanks to Kelly and Alen for serving again. We have a great combination of experienced and new board members in coming, I am looking forward to working with them for a great 2023!

Boston Marathon 2023 Invitational Entries

As previously mentioned, the club received 4 Invitational Entries to the Boston Marathon in 2023. Our recipients are: Lauren Gabel, Kelly Pheulpin, Suzi Clements, and Rick Kee. Congratulations, we’re all looking forward to celebrating your accomplishment in April!

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday January 1st at 10AM: Frosty Four!
  • Tuesday January 10 at 6:30PM: Board of Directors meeting

As you can see, the next club events aren’t until 2023! It truly has been a great 2022. 

I was thinking about this letter on my Saturday morning run, in particular how running gives us that chance to tune in close to the world around us. I was on the rail trail near my house, and a deer jumped up to my right as I passed him. I was downwind so I don’t think he noticed I was coming until I was fairly close to him. He looked just a little beat up – we had just finished a day and a half of pouring rain – but that didn’t stop his ability to leap into the air as he ran into the woods. I got to watch it all, and then, of course, finish my run.

Wishing all of you and yours a happy holiday season.

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