Halloween, WGP Half Marathon

Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems like the Salem craziness is spreading all over the northshore. In particular, we have two events over the next week where 5K runs are combined with a costume contest. The first is at our previously announced October Sea-Of-Red which will be tomorrow, Thursday October 27th, 6PM, at Essex County Brewing in Peabody. After we arranged the visit to Essex County, they added the Halloween run, so we’re piling on. The second is on Halloween night, Monday October 31, 6:30PM at our normal Monday BackBeat brewing run in Beverly. Both special events will have prize(s) for best costume!

Wicked Grand Prix / Newburyport Half Marathon

We had a great turnout at the Newburyport Half Marathon on Sunday, October 23rd. This is a great course that runs through a very scenic area (including Maudslay State Park) with enthusiastic support from the neighborhoods. This half was a perfect target for anyone with a goal of achieving a longer race this fall. And it’s all part of the Wicked Grand Prix! Take a closer look at these race / goal opportunities if you have not already.

Too many Wickeds turned out to list each one, and while everyone had a great day, a few achievements to callout are Dan Donato who came in 4th overall and 1st in his age group, Tom Lubas placing 2nd in age group, Mike Paulin and Brad Gates who paired up in the relay to place 3rd overall, Bob Callahan 6th in group, Sandi Dalton, 7th in group, Rick Kee 8th in his group. Suzi Clements made this race her 10th Half-Marathon in 2022!

Elections 2023

As you have seen through Kelly’s emails (as per our by-laws, the Vice President runs the annual elections), our nomination period has begun for 2023 board positions. All positions are open: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Director, Clothing Director, a NEW position as Communications Director, and two at-large positions. The Communications Director position was established at a special meeting held October 12th.

Like many board members or volunteers, I get asked why I have chosen this amount of involvement. It’s certainly not the case that we have extra time on our hands, because we don’t. These are pure service positions, there is no compensation or benefits provided. Rather, I see this as a special and unique way to share one of my strongest interests with an equally strong desire to build and be within our community. It’s a level of impact and satisfaction that I don’t get from my professional career. That’s why I’ve made such choices.

While this is a “nomination” period, anyone can nominate themselves (this is how most are identified). We encourage anyone with interest in club governance to step forward; feel free to send questions if you have them.

Membership Matters

As mentioned in a previous email update, we are updating our membership database and email distribution lists. We now have a single database that lists the active members of the club. We’ll be using this database to populate a new google-based email distribution list. Over the next week or so, active members will be automatically added to this new email list. You will receive an email from the google service notifying you that you have been added – there is no need for you to “join” it. From there we will start the transition from the current email list to the new one. Once the transition is complete we will suspend the current list, and club benefits / communications will only be sent to the new one.

While we have made every effort to make sure that the new single database is accurate, we may have missed people. We will not let anyone get lost in the transition. At the same time we can see that there are many members who just have not renewed and may have wanted to (i.e., they have forgotten). It’s our goal to pick those up during this period. Please watch your email for more details as these changes happen.

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