Fall Race Madness

After a great season, on-site track completed this past Tuesday, October 11. Much thanks and appreciation to Coach Braz and Coach Pete, who did a simply fantastic job with Wickeds, whether they’ve been coming to track for years or just showing up for the first time. We are very fortunate to have these coaches as part of our club. Having that level of professional coaching is one of the club’s strongest benefits. If you haven’t checked track out yet, hope you can give it a try next April! In the meantime, coach will email workouts for you to do in the “off” season.

Wickeds Killing Fall Events

This is going to be one of those emails where I am not able to capture everyone’s achievements, but I am going to try hard – not only that, but google has a limit on email size so I have to make choices with pictures! In any case, the main message here is that our members have been working VERY HARD building up fitness and stamina all summer, and now that the fall race season is in full gear, we are seeing some amazing results. First is the splash on the world stage with marathons in Berlin, London, and Chicago. In Berlin, Amy Wapshare and Karen Hoch went through the Brandenburg gate, only to be followed by Amy’s Wineglass Marathon a week later, and Karen and Lauren Chaby running Loch Ness Marathon afterwards as well. Loch Nesswas Lauren’s first marathon, she did fantastic!

In London, Mike Paulin hit a new PR accompanied by his family! To celebrate, Mike expanded his beer collection equally fast with a flight(s) in the London pubs.

Back in the US, Carita Wegner, refusing to let injuries slow her down, made her first of many fall appearances repping her home country.

Swooping back around to the northshore, many Wickeds made strong appearances at the fall frolic in Beverly.

Just this weekend, we had two great new england events – the Ghost Train ultra, where those not satisfied with the marathon distance reach salvation with a 30-hour, all-you-can-run ultra. Congrats to Rich Tabbut, Karen Hoch, Alen Yen, Ashley Diehl, Don Withee, and others that had a great showing at this very challenging event.

Finally, while this is a long list, and while New England is home to many great marathons, one that stands out is the BayState Marathon in Lowell. This is a great event that is put on by a great club in the Merrimack Valley. It has consistently, and quietly, delivered for northshore runners for years. It’s not easy to stand in the shadow of the Boston Marathon, but BayState and other local marathons do just that. And this weekend, we had outstanding full performances from Zac Matthews, Grace Crowell, Colby Todisco, Carl Wormley, and in the half Amy Chruniak, and Shannon Cram. In the full, Zac ran his first marathon, Colby hit a new PR, and Grace qualified for both NYC and Boston. Grace, Zac, and Colby are regulars at our Tuesday track workouts! In the half, Amy hit her own PR, running the first portion with her husband and co-member Dan. 

Congratulations to all! Upcoming Events

We have a ton going on! Check out your emails and our website calendar for information on the Self Defense Class being organized by Ashley Diehl, a PT visit at BackBeat on Monday October 17th, Sea of Red on October 27th at Essex County Brewing, the WGP half marathon on October 23rd, a Board of Directors meeting on October 25th! And this is not including upcoming elections and Mill Cities Relay.

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