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Do you have a regular run that you’re looking for company on? Or maybe you are looking at half-marathon, marathon, or ultra training plans and are thinking it’d be great to have someone to do it with. If so, consider using this page to let others know in the club, you just might find someone who is thinking the same. You can use whatever description works for you, and just wait to see who reaches out! Whether you are the original poster or someone who connects, all we ask is that once you’ve met, please keep people updated as your plans evolve or change. There is no commitment here other than to communicate. You can take your post down at anytime.

If you want to create an entry, please contact our club president.

Saturday Long Run for Vermont City Marathon

Hi, my name is Tom Mistretta and I am using a marathon training plan for Vermont City in May. Each Saturday until the race (May 29) I will be doing a long run starting around 7-8AM. Distances are 10-16 miles at an 8:20-8:30 pace after a 1-2 mile warmup at 9+. If interested you can reach me at