Boston Marathon Wrap-Up, Return to Track, HWAC and other Run Happenings

Marathon Monday was a spectacular day for all who participated and volunteered. It’s hard to know where to start. Kristen Barry fought injuries to complete her second Boston in just a few months. Amy Chruniak, carrying one of the club invitational bibs, achieved a 15 minute PR on her birthday! Grace Crowell, showing core strength and the true power of the human spirit, ran her first Boston directly after 4+ weeks of wearing a boot. Sandi Dalton and Alen Yen screamed Wicked Red through the entire race as they celebrated their triumphant returns to the course. Mike Paulin and Dan Donato both broke the 3 hour barrier with extremely strong performances. Jen Pursley had an incredible 22 minute PR on one of the worlds most difficult marathon courses. Karen Hoch continued to rack up marathon finishes as she tours the world, Carita Wegner BQd just 2 weeks after running Marathon des Sables, and the Father-Daughter team of Paul and Caitlin Kuconis ran the entire course together, Paul carrying the second invitational bib. Congratulations to all!


In addition, we had over 60 volunteers at the Mile 17 gel stop, handing out endless smiles, cheers, and goopy Maurten gels to 30,000 runners. It was an incredibly fun and exciting day. We remain honored to support this important international event. Our participation and reliability is appreciated by the BAA, our members, and of course, the runners of the Boston Marathon. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this day special for everyone.


Return to the Track!
We will resume our outdoor track program with Coach Braz on Tuesday night, April 26, at 6:30PM at Beverly High School. For those of you who have not been to track before, please review our track guidance on our website to learn what to expect and courtesy for others at BHS. This is an incredible member benefit and we hope to see you all taking advantage of it.

HWAC, WGP, USATF and other Run Happenings
Our grand prix series continues on May 1st with the Step Up for Colleen 5K in Andover MA. Soon on the heels of that will be the HWAC on June 5th, there is a “wicked running club” team established so when you do sign up, please include that in your enrollment.

The next event in the USATF series is the Vermont City Marathon – where several members will be making the trek to either participate in the full marathon or in the relay. Should be a great weekend up in a beautiful part of the area. 26×1 Relay is set for June 25.

We are hearing from a few members that they are not getting the group emails nor the membership renewals that we are sending. We believe this is because “advances” in spam detection are causing some of our group or multi-recipient emails to go to spam folders. If you know of a member who thinks this is happening, we request that they:

  1. Check their spam folders and if indeed our emails are in there, use the spam controls of their email program to mark us as a known sender
  2.  Forward some of the spam-marked emails back to us.

For #1, the mechanisms to do this will vary depending on the email program they are using. Google (gmail)’s instructions can be found using this link. For #2, the email program should indicate WHY the email was being marked as spam. We need to see these closer in order to debug the problem better.

MOTM 2022
Registration is open for Miles Over The Moon 2022. This is an important event for the club and we’d appreciate it if you spread the word to your friends and family about the race. You can find out more about the race on our website, which also contains a registration link for the race.

Upcoming Events

All club events (not including regular runs such as the Monday BackBeat run) are shown on our new website’s calendar. Close on the horizon is:

  • Sunday May 1st: Wicked Grand Prix Race: Step Up for Colleen 5K
  • Wednesday May 4th: May Board of Directors Meeting
  • Sunday, May 29: Vermont City Marathon
  • Sunday June 5: HWAC 5K, Salem

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