Hey Wickeds! Get to know your 2024 Board of Directors Candidates with these profiles.

President – Grace Crowell

My name is Grace Crowell and I am excited to announce my candidacy for President of Wicked Running Club (WRC) in 2024. 

I joined WRC three years ago in 2020 during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m so thankful that I did. From track Tuesday workouts, to action-packed relay races, to fun after parties & banquets, I’ve not only become a more competitive runner, but I’ve also made lifelong friendships. To me, the people I’ve met,  the relationships I’ve made and the welcoming atmosphere of the club are the life blood of this organization. I wouldn’t have been able to dig deep and push hard in my life, both inside and outside of running, without the unrelenting support of my WRC crew. It is with this gratitude that I am humbled for the opportunity to give back to our WRC community as President of this organization.

As the Presidential nominee, I have a vision for the future of this club. And I can say with confidence that our future is bright. Our club’s previous boards have worked tirelessly to keep WRC financially afloat during the tumultuous COVID years, and toiled behind the scenes to modernize our club’s infrastructure. Because of their efforts, we can now shift gears to look ahead and reenforce our club’s culture of competition, teamwork and excellence. 

In order to develop and nurture our culture, this is my list of strategic priorities:

  • Reinstate a weekend long run on a well trafficked route, ideally equipped with pace groups and fueling support 
  • Secure a “home base” location for our club to celebrate our team and individual successes
  • Collaborate with our board, but notably our Communications and Membership Directors, to ensure new and existing members are engaged in club activities and races
  • Improve existing web, social media and email communications to create more of a unified club culture and strengthen our organization’s brand 
  • Create a leadership pipeline for up-and-coming runners and leaders alike, encouraging them to mobilize our club members for key events 

I truly believe that together, we can move mountains when we train hard, rally and toe the start line in our sea of red.

Thank you for your consideration, and LFG. 

Vice President – Zach Matthews

My name is Zach Matthews, and I am running for the 2024 Wicked Running Club Board position of Vice President.  

I first joined WRC in 2022 after being recruited by Colby for the 26×1 relay.  

2022 was my first year getting back into running competitively. I used to run cross country/track in high school, but took some time away from running while in college.  I am incredibly happy with my decision to have joined WRC, as I have been able to make so many new friends, as well as find a support system that keeps me motivated to achieve my running goals. 

Since getting back into running, I’ve completed 2 marathons (among other various races) and plan to run in my first major in Chicago in 2024. 

Outside of running, I am a Cloud Architect for a tech company (Oracle). I am recently engaged, and also have a crazy dog named Milo, who takes up most of my free time when I am not working or running. 

My goal for WRC in 2024 is to make the club more competitive, while maintaining the great community and culture that Wicked has today. 

We need to provide more running opportunities for our members. We currently have our Tuesday Track sessions, but I would like to add to that. Long runs on the weekends, group runs during the week, etc. I also like the idea of having more WRC sponsored events. We currently have MOTM and Frosty Four, but I would like to add more. 

In addition, I would like to find a way to mobilize the members of the club and work to understand what they want to get out of WRC. Our WRC community is great, and I believe if everyone is getting what they want out of the club, then our culture will be that much better. 

I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team and creating environments that make people feel comfortable just being themselves. I am well-organized, responsive, and want to help our club grow and allow its members to meet their running goals.  As vice president, I would make sure the voices of the members are heard and would focus on putting the needs of the club before my own agenda, or ideas.

Thank you for considering me for Vice President.

Treasurer – Nicole Goggin


I am Nicole Goggin, seeking re-election as the Wicked Running Club’s Treasurer. Having been a member of the club since 2017, I was thrilled to serve as the Treasuer for the club this past year. During this year, I have learned so much more about the club and all the different components that keep it running smoothly. My main contributions were to better define the reimbursement/expense payment process, create the first annual club report, and track down extra funds for the club. The new reimbursement and expense process better records requests and ensures all necessary payments are issued in a proper and timely manner. Our first annual report provides more transparency for the members as well as reflecting on another year. Finally, I worked with an old vendor to find extra money that was due back to the club, allowing us to look into purchasing a new tent.

I am seeking re-election as I feel there is more I can contribute to this role and the club at large. I want to continue to find more efficiencies in the day-to-day operating of the club. It has been a privilege to serve the club this past year, I hope you find me deserving to uphold the office of Treasurer for another year.

Thank you,


Membership Director – Nicole Hannable

I’m excited to reach out to you to express my interest in running for the Membership Director role on the board. I appreciate the extra time I was provided to officially put myself in the running. 

I’m interested in this role for a few reasons. First and foremost, I’ve been trying to get more involved in the club and I’m excited to encourage others to do the same. Alen will leave some big shoes to fill and he’s certainly paved the way for his predecessor to be successful in this role. I think with a young and fast new board, we can recruit a new demographic to the club that will help elevate Wicked’s competitive presence at races in the future. I know Grace is one of the candidates running for president and I’m excited to help her carry forward her revitalized vision of Wicked. 

Thank you,

Nicole (Nikki) Hannable

Clothing Director – Kelly Clinton

I’m running for clothing director because I want to be more involved with wicked other than just volunteering at races. I think as clothing director I can add some creative ideas for wicked.

Hello Wicked! I’m Kelly Clinton and many of you may know me. I’m a transplant to the area and moved to the North Shore in 2011 with my husband; he grew up in Swampscott. I’ve run in group races and have dropped in to my fair share of brewery runs located in the north shore. In college I did rowing and running was a big part of it; typically a punishment part, but somehow a deep love for running sprung up out of that experience and I’ve been chasing it ever since! 

I had heard about Wicked and even joined a couple years ago and volunteered at Mile 17. Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of the club offerings or get to know many people; I was shy. This past January following the birth of my youngest, I accompanied my running wife/bestie, Jenn Jenkins, to a Monday night run at The Falconer. Amy Chruniak was fundraising for the NYC Marathon, everyone was kind and welcoming, and I went home and signed up to join Wicked again. This time I’m a Salem resident and have two children, putting down some roots. I want to make more running friends and get involved in something that I really care about. I have come through on both accounts and am absolutely loving the spirit of the club and all of the amazing members that we have! 

With the encouragement of other members of the club, I have decided to go out for a position on the board and further serve this running community. Running can be an individual endeavor or it can be so much more and I believe that Wicked fully takes advantage of this aspect. I would love to be considered as your next clothing director and work closely with Shannon and others in learning the ins and outs of helping us to look great while we show up to races to have fun and let our indomitable spirits shine through! 

In college, it’s hard to believe, but I was actively involved in my sorority. I know somewhere there’s an image in your minds of National Lampoon’s Animal House. Allow me to help fix that vision; Fraternities and Sororities are first and foremost vehicles for philanthropy and fundraising efforts. Using group synergy, we had a board very similar to the one in Wicked and we all worked together to help keep things moving smoothly and to ensure that every member had ample opportunity to get involved. There were a number of Greek systemwide events where we had to organize fundraising and a major piece of that was designing and procuring shirts to help us look unified and professional. I would love the chance to serve this club and help keep us looking sharp at races while we come together for miles and fun! One of the things that really stands out to me about Wicked is the diversity of runners we have; we have endless opportunities with road races in varying distances and we also have the privilege of trail running and it’s been awesome to see everyone shine in their happy places and share it with others, expanding our worlds too. I also love that we have room for everyone in Wicked and all paces and running abilities are welcomed. It would be a privilege to serve you further and be a part of keeping the club running into the future. 🙂

Communications Director – Colby Todisco

Hi! My name is Colby Todisco, and I’m thrilled to be running for the Director of Communications role at Wicked. 

I joined Wicked in 2019 looking for some camaraderie after getting back into running post-college. Hearing that Coach Braz ran a track session every Tuesday immediately got me invested as I’m a Peabody kid at heart. What I found at track and on various small, cold, early morning weekday group runs was the community of people that everyone in this club has come to love and constantly boast about. 

I was looking for the community that the old days of track&field and cross country gave to me, where I found and still maintain some of my greatest friendships – Wicked provided that instantaneously. Ever since, I’ve been immensely grateful to this club and its ability to bring people from all walks of life together in celebrating, grinding, aching, and pouring our hearts out into this thing that feels like far more than a hobby to most of us. 

Outside of the 3” inseams and form-fitting singlets, I’m a video producer. I went to school at Fitchburg State University for a degree in Communications Media specializing in both Film/Video and Photography. My background is in creating high quality, cinematic images for commercial clients and impactful documentaries. 

With this experience, I hope to modernize our communications, specifically our social media, to create a hub for people to engage with content, share more stories, and be better connected. I’d love to work in tandem with the rest of the board to give Wicked a facelift that attracts more talent, making us more competitive as a club, and in turn, growing our outreach.

I see boundless potential for our club to thrive in the Northshore, and that starts with ensuring our communications are constant, up to date, and unique to our brand, sending a clear message that we’re a flourishing and engaged club with hundreds of friendly folks to run and compete with. 

With your support, I’m excited to help grow our club’s image to fully represent the joy, dedication, hard work, and care that our members consistently put in day after day to this sport. Thank you for your consideration!

Member At Large – Bill McClory

Hello everyone, I’ve been a member of Wicked since 2021. You may have seen me at Wicked events and runs – I tend to be a regular at Monday BackBeat, and have participated in many Grand Prix and USATF races since joining. I’ve also been supporting the club by posting relevant news about it and member’s achievements on Facebook. For 2024, I’m interested in the Member-At-Large board position. I hope by being selected as member at large I can help communicate and make people feel welcome appreciated and valued in our Wicked community. 

Member At Large – Tom Martinez

Hello wicked members.

My name is Tomas martinez.

I have been running for wicked for just over a year now and I enjoy my time spent with the club very much. My favorite thing about wicked running club is that it is a club for everyone, from first timers all the way to experienced competitors.

I have been road running for three years.

I have run two boston marathons and hope to run my third this coming April. 

I was a track and field athlete at Peabody high school from 2010-2012.

I was a track and field coach at Peabody high from 2014-2022 

Under our good friend and coach Fernando braz.

I will be running for a member at large position for for our club and any support would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time.