Hey Wickeds! Get to know your 2023 Board of Directors Candidates with these profiles.

President – Tom Mistretta

Hi, my name is Tom Mistretta and I am running for re-election as President of our Wicked Running Club. For those of you who don’t know me: I’ve been a member of Wicked for eight years. Over the last year, I served as your President. In 2021, I was Vice President. In 2020 Prior I served as Member-at-Large. Outside of the board, I was director of our “Miles Over The Moon” road race for five years. 

I know I am running unopposed. But that doesn’t mean you should vote for me. Looking back at 2022, I need to be accountable for what I’ve done in this role. Let’s start there: I’m going to show/share the goals I set for 2022, and give myself a grade (A-E) on it.

Now it’ll be easier to explain why I am asking to be your President again in 2023. My main reason for doing this is that I don’t feel like I am finished doing what I wanted to do. When I stood before you one year ago, one of the things I said was that I see an increasing need to provide additional avenues for members to be involved in the club. I put that in the goals for 2022, and I don’t think I did a great job there. I didn’t know exactly what that meant last November, but I have a better idea of it now:

  • We need to provide more running opportunities for members. 
  • We need to be better at asking for help when we need it. People want to be involved – we aren’t asking enough, or in the right way.

I frequently look at our mission statement:

The mission of the Wicked Running Club is to provide the community with an organized venue in which to promote the sport of running and the benefits we believe it provides to all members, regardless of age or ability. These benefits include, but are not limited to, physical activity, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle, friendship, and social interaction as well as community outreach and support.

In 2022, I had to focus pretty hard on the basics of how the club operates. The website, membership system, budget, insurance, etc – all needed revisiting. Of course I didn’t do this all by myself. I had some really great board members to work with. But it took up more of my focus in 2022. In 2023, I’d like to replace that with focusing more on our core mission – specifically by doing more of what I mention above.

So given this, as much as I feel that we need to continue the work we do, I think that building upon it in this way is our next opportunity. It has the chance to be a multiplier to what we are. That’s what I said last year, and I think this still exists for us. 

These are my motivations for wanting to serve you as president. 

Please remember to vote in this year’s election, and I hope you’ll consider me to serve again on your board. If you have any questions you can contact me directly. Thanks for reading.

Vice President – Kelly Pheulpin

My name is Kelly Pheulpin and I am running for the 2023 Wicked Running Club Board position of Vice President.  I first joined the club in late 2010 my first full year was 2011. I joined wicked
because I was new to running and looking for a running buddy, what I found was a great group of runners that took me in as one of their own.

I have served on our board in various positions over the years, I have been President, Secretary, Membership director. I have volunteered at many races cheering on my fellow Wicked runners.

In 2018 Lauren Gabel and I took on Co-directing the Boston Marathon Gel Stop at Mile 17. We heard back from several members including our Gel Stop head for many years John Mahoney that we
surpassed all his expectations.

In 2020 Lauren and I worked with Alen and the board to help our Wicked runners complete their Virtual Boston marathon in a safe and fun way. Lauren and I agreed to try Race Directing the Frosty Four in 2020, thanks to our awesome club we had a very successful race, our plan for 2021 was a virtual experience that allowed our club to continue to provide the High School seniors in our area with scholarships for their higher education. In the years the club has been offering this race we have managed to provide 2-4 Scholarships a year at up to $1500.00 each. That’s 45-60K for higher
education on the north shore.

My Goal for 2023 is to incorporate more group activities and focus on volunteer opportunities for our club members.

I am organized, responsive to deadlines, and want to help our club continue to grow.  I think I can put my organization skills to good use keeping accurate tasks and deadlines to help the president articulate a timely communication with our members. I pride myself on being a good listener and putting the needs of the club before my own agenda, or ideas.

Thank you for considering me for Vice President.

Treasurer – Nicole Goggin

I am Nicole Goggin running for the office of Treasurer.

Looking to find others who shared my passion for the sport of running, I joined Wicked in 2017. I have come a long way from being the doe eyed newbie. I participated in various group runs (Sunday Donut runs anyone) and Grand Prix events over the years – even being an Iron Runner for the 2020 year. This club has been a great community and source of knowledge and support in my running journey. I want to see it not only continue but thrive and serve others as it has me.

Outside of running, I am a Principal level implementation manager working for a B2b SaaS tech company. I also received my MBA in 2017. Along with my attention to detail, I know my skills will complement the role of the Treasurer. Many hate to talk dollars and cents, but it is crucial to sustain the club. I would consider it a great honor if you elect me as the Treasurer to help maintain the good work of prior Treasures and past and present board members and propel the club forward.

Membership Director – Alen Yen

Thanks for considering my nomination for Membership. 

For those of you who know me — and that might be just about everyone — you know I love this Club. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t try to do something to help it progress. 

For a few years now I’ve tried to bring in at least 8 new members a year. I’d like to continue that effort but more officially.

For those who have jammed with me, you know of my deep fondness for spreadsheets. I’m hoping to attack the data issues we have and also clean up the lists while growing them.

My goal is to be as much like Tim Short as I can and also rep in person. 

Clothing Director – Shannon Cram

I’m running for clothing director because I want to be more involved with wicked other than just volunteering at races. I think as clothing director I can add some creative ideas for wicked.

Communications Director – Cailie Trombley

My name is Cailie Trombley and I am running for the Communications Director position with Wicked Running Club for 2023. I joined Wicked in 2016 after Coach Braz introduced me to the weekly track workouts. I was a solo runner until that point and never really understood the benefits of running with a group, but quickly realized the positive impact this running community would have on my life. 

After joining Wicked, I began chasing the World Marathon Majors as a charitable runner. I feel extremely lucky to have found an outlet that not only allows me to pursue my love for running, but also fulfills my desire to help others. I’ve always loved being part of a team, building team camaraderie, and fostering environments that promote inclusion. Running for charities that I hold very close to my heart has been an incredible experience, but bringing people together to support a larger cause has definitely brought me the most joy. 

As my WMM journey comes to an end (6th star – Tokyo 2023!), I want to focus more of my time on the local running community. I hope to step into Wicked’s Communications Director position to help keep members engaged, informed, and active within our running community. I look forward to what’s ahead for this club!

Member At Large – Haley Hanlon

I joined Wicked in 2018 as a way to improve on my training for my first marathon (yes, my first marathon was Boston and yes, it was the year of the tsunami). Several more marathons, a career shift, starting a business, and a new puppy later, I had lost my love for running a bit. That is, until Alen recruited me for the 26×1 relay this summer where I was pleasantly reminded what it was like to be a part of a team; especially one as great as Wicked. 

By getting more involved this year, I hope to merge my marketing, planning, and organization skills with my passion for being part of the running community in order to provide a better team experience for all members. 

Member At Large – Carita Wegner

Hey – I’m Carita Wegner and I’m running for one of the Member at Large Positions.

I moved to Salem (from the UK) just over a year ago. I am passionate about running so the first thing I did was to join the local running club, Wicked.

As I am on a career break, joining Wicked has been an amazing way to meet people. Group runs and social events have been a lot of fun too.

Wicked club has given me such a warm welcome and so much support. The club helped me to find running routes, gave me advice on running in New England winter and answered my silly questions about possible local wildlife I may encounter on the trails.

Now, I would like to get involved in the club, give something back and help out.